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Everyone deserves to be free. Everyone deserves a right to dream and pursue such dream till it is achieved. But in the case of tax debts, dreams become blurry, shocking reality sets in and whatever freedom remains is never genuine.
Have you lost the courage to dream because you owe so much in back taxes that you can’t figure out how to be free? Do you live in the city of Fort Worth, TX and need help on getting rid of your tax debts? Debts you owe to the IRS (federal government) and may be to the state of Texas too, then, you need to call us today.

We are a leading team of experienced tax professionals comprising of seasoned tax attorneys, registered tax agents and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs).If you are really serious about getting rid of your tax debts, you need a team as skilled as ours that will be guiding you through the required process.

Our clients are no longer afraid of the IRS or any other tax body for that matter. They sleep comfortably now and enjoy their lives because we have got them covered. We have been able to get them the relief they deserve. We have even been able to negotiate a back tax reduction of up to ninety five percent (95 %) for a few of them. This way, they were only required to pay 5,000 Dollars even after having debts of 100,000 Dollars. The law has got an easy provision for such debtors, albeit with strict regulations.

Our Fort Worth attorney’s number is (713) 533-8299 . Please, call us today and take advantage of our free consultation service and we will be able to provide you with the relief that you deserve, the relief that suit your peculiar circumstances.

From experience, we have discovered that issues for which people regularly seek solutions from a tax professional include but are not limited to lifting of wage garnishments, bank levies and tax liens, understanding the tax notices and dealing with revenue staff who are always overbearing. We have been able to help clients with these issues and many more. We will be glad to help you too.

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Choose an Experienced Lawyer to Represent You

There has never been shortage of advertisements on tax lawyers, but you have to be very careful with your choice. Many of the adverts around are scams, especially those who fail to give proper consultation and claim to be capable of providing everyone with an offer in compromise, a form of tax relief to be discussed later. Run away from these scammers. You will definitely lose your hard earned money with them.

When choosing a tax company, a very important factor to be considered is the BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating of such company you are hiring. You can also get some third party reviews on the company. Most of the time, companies have good reputation and contain satisfactory reviews which, you can easily read from Trust pilot or iVouch. With information on the BBB rating and third party reviews of the company, whose service you are employing, you will be able to take sound decisions.

Why choose us?

While we are looking forward to working with you on your tax issues, the question about why you should choose us, remains valid. We are a team of tax professionals with decades of combined years of experience in tax issues. We have been able to provide several clients with the relief they deserve and in doing so, we have put an end mark in their struggles with debts. We have a sterling A+ BBB rating and we are ready to put our skills and experience in offering you a relief that suits you. Our long term relationship with the IRS and other tax bodies can put you at an advantaged position, where you will be able to negotiate the relief you deserve. With our professional appearance, you stand a better chance than any ‘normal’ customer of IRS.

Negotiating an Offer in Compromise

This is the relief with which few people have been able to save the largest amount. This is a type of relief that has allowed a handful of clients to save around 95 percent in terms of their dues to clear. Just like we mentioned earlier, this is guarded by strict regulations. You may just be qualified for an offer in compromise, especially if you are or have been suffering from difficult circumstances like bankruptcy, natural disaster etc. In such cases, we will just have to put forward an application that will enable us to negotiate with the IRS an amount you can feasibly and conveniently pay and you are on your way to the debt free future. However, if you are not qualified, there are a lot of other reliefs you can benefit from, most of which the IRS will not tell you about.

Getting Rid of Wage Garnishments

It is a common step of the government, through the IRS, to notify employers that they will now have to get a certain amount in terms of debts their employees have to pay to the state’s government. Of course, such employees will owe in both forms- as tax and other dues. Such amount deducted will be used to settle the amount employees owe as tax and additions to tax, until the debts are cleared. Sadly, when such decisions for deductions are made, you might not be present and therefore, no consideration may have been made for your individual circumstances. As a result, you may be left penniless with nothing to cater to your living expenses.

If this is your situation, you need to quickly take action in order to get the garnishment removed. Call us today and we can begin the process immediately. We will then negotiate a suitable relief for you- a relief worthy of being called one, considering your individual circumstances.

Penalty Abatement (getting them removed)

IRS gives penalties for different kinds of defaults. They do this in order to allow people to take prompt actions regarding filing their tax returns and paying their taxes in good time. Sometimes, these penalties can become so much that they make up a larger percentage of what you owe and occasionally, taxpayers get fined in error. However, you don’t have to worry, because we have always been able to get penalties removed totally and our clients are then able to pay the amount owed on some convenient arrangements.

Setting Up an Installment Agreement

Rather than being made to pay the amount owed all at once, we can help to negotiate a payment plan in which you will make regular and convenient payment on tax overtime. This way, you can settle your back taxes and still be left with enough to take care of your living expenses. Many taxpayers are taking advantage of this kind of arrangement and you too can have it. It may just be the relief you need to get out of debts.

Helping Out Businesses of All Sizes

For many reasons, taxpayers can owe so much on their businesses and IRS often takes possession of properties belonging to such businesses and depending on what type of business it is, they may be able to take possession of personal properties of the owner(s) of the business. Such properties include houses, lands, equipment and facilities and even bank accounts. All these personally owned properties are not only taken into possession but owners might have to lose some other assets as well. Do not lament so much if this is similar to your case. We get issues like this resolved every time. Your business can benefit from a suitable payment plan while you still have full possession of your properties.

Getting You Innocent Spouse Relief

Joint tax return, for married taxpayers, offers some advantages that make people to choose it. In some cases, both men and women become liable to pay the tax and additions to tax of such return even after they are divorced. Unless one of the parties involved file for an innocent spouse relief, both parties remain jointly and severally liable for the return. Just to be clear, this means that you will still be charged penalties and interests on the default of your erstwhile partner as long as you continue to operate such return. Call our experienced tax lawyers today and we can discuss in detail the conditions that qualify you for this relief, and if you are qualified we can negotiate it for you. After that, you can be free from penalties and debts you do not deserve by taking advantage of the relief you deserve.

As it has been said, we are a team of seasoned professionals poised to bring you the relief you deserve and help you get rid of your debts. You deserve to dream and dream bigger. You deserve a chance to live your dreams. You deserve to be happy. Give us a call and try our free consultation services at affordable rates. With our formidable team on your side, you will definitely have a genuine freedom while having a crystal clear of your future.

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Is Tax Debt Reported on the Public Record?

Tax Debt can be reported on the public record. There are only three types of public records that appear in a credit report, all of them. Bankruptcy is the most obvious. It's a legal proceeding under which somebody is provided relief from debts they are unable to pay. The next public record you may see in a credit report is a tax lien. This results from failure to pay your taxes. Uncle Sam is intent on getting his taxes paid. An unpaid tax lien on your Fort Worth property will stay on a credit report for up to ten years from the filing date. A paid tax lien is deleted seven years from the date it's paid.

Can a Tax Lawyer Reduce my Debt with the IRS?

Because they specialize in the minutiae of the IRS tax code, yes, a tax lawyer can assist you to reduce your debt together with the IRS. They offer advice on legal problems that are complex, especially in the areas of estate planning, trusts, tax disputes, and business tax law. Tax lawyers are strong negotiators who construct arguments that best support a position that is desired and assess case facts in light of the law. They can use the court system in ways that offer leverage in resolving your tax issues. Your tax relief lawyer can communicate with the Internal Revenue Service on your own behalf, be present during your audit and help negotiate a resolution in Texas, if necessary.

How Much Do Tax Relief Companies Cost?

Tax resolution companies in Texas are everywhere, each with wildly varying levels of competence and ethics. Most tax resolution firms' flat fees are contingent upon something, if it be your contribution or on a set quantity of days spent in your case. Some companies say one thing and do the exact opposite, although this isn't entirely unreasonable. Make sure you read a business's contract . Hourly rates are clearly outlined by their contracts, although some businesses verbally guarantee flat fees. A set fee can be a good thing, as it motivates your tax expert to work difficult to resolve your tax debt.

How do I settle my tax debt for less?

An offer in compromise permits you to settle your tax debt for significantly less than the entire amount you owe. It could be a valid alternative in the event you can't pay your complete tax liability, or doing so creates a financial hardship. IRS consider your unique set of facts and circumstances: Skill to pay; Income; Expenses; and Asset equity in Texas. They generally approve the most they are able to expect to accumulate within a reasonable period of time are represented by an offer in compromise when the amount offered. Before submitting an offer in compromise investigate all other payment options.

Do Tax Attorneys go to Court With You?

Generally, a lot of folks generally choose to really go to court with their tax attorneys. Merely a Tax lawyer will have the expertise in attaining tax resolutions. They'll not get a full comprehension of the ins and outs of the many programs while a CPA might be familiar with some tax settlement programs. Codes and tax laws are complex and lots of times change yearly. In addition there are lots of programs available a citizen that is troubled may utilize to settle or reduce the total amount of tax liability owed but just a seasoned tax lawyer will know the way to qualify you and to establish both the most effective system to utilize in Fort Worth.

How Does the IRS Offer in Compromise Work?

The IRS Offer in Compromise works in this style that it permits you to settle your tax debt for under the entire amount you owe. It could be a valid option in the event you can not pay your tax liability that is total, or a financial hardship is created by doing so. The IRS consider your unique group of facts and conditions: Skill to pay; Income; Expenses; and Asset equity. The IRS generally approve an offer in compromise when the amount offered represents the most they can expect to collect within a reasonable time in Texas.

How Much could an Offer in Compromise Save Me?

An offer in compromise can save you plenty of cash because it lets you settle your tax debt for less than the full amount you owe. In the event you can't pay your full tax liability, it might be a valid option, or doing so creates a financial hardship. The IRS consider your unique group of facts and conditions. That is capability to pay, income, expenses for living in Fort Worth and asset equity. They usually approve an offer in compromise when the amount offered signifies the most they can expect to collect within a reasonable time.

What Does a Tax Attorney Do For Me?

A Tax lawyer can help you solve your tax problems with the Internal Revenue Service since they specialize in the minutiae of the IRS tax code. They supply advice on complicated legal issues, especially in the areas of estate planning, trusts, tax disputes, and company tax law. Lawyers are powerful negotiators who concept arguments which best support a desirable position and analyze case facts in light of the law. The court system can be used by them in ways that provide leverage in resolving tax cases. Some tax lawyers help prepare your tax returns for a premium; nevertheless, tax attorneys aren't accountants and are rarely involved in filing taxes with the IRS or state of Texas.

How Can I Eliminate My Tax Debt?

By asking for additional time to pay, it's possible for you to remove your Tax Debt. It's possible for you to request to pay what you owe. Pay by credit card or debit card. You might have a credit card that offers a lower rate, possibly a zero percent teaser rate for a year. The IRA shuffle: You can't borrow from your IRA, but did you understand that if you wish to transfer the funds from one account to another, you have 60 days to do this?

How Likely is the IRS to Accept an Offer in Compromise?

The Internal Revenue Service is likely to approve an offer in compromise when the amount represents the most they can expect to collect within a reasonable time. Before the IRS considers your offer, you have to be current with all filing and payment requirements. You are not eligible if you are in an open bankruptcy proceeding in Fort Worth. Use the Offer in Compromise Pre-Qualifier to confirm your qualifications and prepare a preliminary proposal. You'll find step by step directions and all the forms for submitting an offer in the Offer in Compromise Pamphlet, Form 656-B.