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Once upon a time, I was facing a significant amount of debt. Being behind on my back taxes was the scariest thing in the world and I had no idea how to handle. Though I tried as best I could to pay off my taxes, I kept getting farther and farther behind and suddenly I was faced with late fees and penalty charges.

For a while it looked like my life was going to implode. Eventually, however, I had a friend refer me to a tax debt relief firm in El Paso, Texas. The firm set me up with a free consultation and helped me to eliminate my debt.

They offer a number of services including:

Offers in Compromise
Eliminations of Wage Garnishments
Eliminations of Bank Levies
Eliminations of Tax Liens
Penalty Abatement
Innocent Spouse Relief
Assistance with Business Tax Debt
If you’ve accumulated a lot of back taxes and are quickly falling into debt, then you should contact this firm today. They helped me and I’m positive that they will be able to help you too!

Give our office a call today!

Negotiating Offers in Compromise and Installment Agreements

Negotiating an Installment Agreement in El Paso

Two of the most popular and effect services provided by this tax debt relief firm are Offers in Compromise and Installation Agreements. Both of these programs serve different, yet equally effective purposes.

An Offer in Compromise allows you to significantly reduce the amount of money you owe. Though not all individuals qualify for this program, if you do you could potentially reduce the amount of money you owe by up to 90%. A reduction like this could change your entire financial situation. It would be a huge burden off of your chest and would make an impact on how you lead your day to day life. Finally, one of your major stressors could be eliminated completely!

On the other hand, an Installment Agreement is a program that allows individuals to establish long-term payment plans. If you opted into this program you would be able to repay your debt in increments over time. This would allow you to have more room in your monthly budget, so you could continue to keep up with other bills and make other significant payments.

Remove Wage Garnishments Quickly

Taking My El Paso Wages for Back Taxes

Another standard of this El Paso tax debt relief firm is to help you remove any wage garnishments on your paycheck. Wage garnishments, a garnish placed on your paycheck, can be brutal. These garnishes allow the IRS to claim 25% of your hard earned money each month.

Though this may seem unfair, but it is completely legal. If you have had the unfortunate experience of having a wage garnishment placed on your paycheck, you need to act fast to get it removed.

When I had a wage garnishment on my paycheck it affected my relationship with my boss and cost me a potential promotion. My boss never treated me with the same respect or trust after the IRS called him to discuss my finances. The last thing you want is to be in the same situation I found myself in.

Abolish Interest Charges and Penalties

El Paso Penalty Abatement

Many individuals who owe back taxes to the IRS fail to keep up with their payments. This puts them further into debt as they accrue interest penalties and charges onto the total amount of their debt. At one time this was me and I didn’t even realize it. Yet seeking help from a tax debt relief firm greatly improved my situation. By using a Penalty Abatement negotiation, the firm drastically reduced the amount of money you owe. This may also be another program that can help you escape your current conundrum.

Understanding IRS Notices

When I first contacted this qualified tax debt relief firms they were an incredible help. One of the most valuable things they did for me was to clearly explain all of the IRS notices I has received. Though IRS notices claim to be perfectly concise, in reality they can be full of convoluted language and technical jargon. I simply didn’t understand on my one what the IRS wanted from me or how they wanted me to do it. The firm walked me through the directions in my IRS notices and help you complete their instructions.

Don’t get overwhelmed if you are having difficulty communicating with the IRS. They are people who actually understand these issues who are more than willing to help you. If you set up a free consultation with this El Paso firm they can simplify and clarify all of your one-sided communications with the IRS.

We Can Help

At one point I was in your situation. It wasn’t fun. Yet I escaped my debt and I’m sure that it you sought help from this tax debt relief firm you could to. This firm helps individuals throughout the El Paso area and offer free one-on-one consultations to discuss options.

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